Um novo olhar às introduções do artigo de pesquisa da prova de inglês do teste ANPAD em um contexto de ensino instrumental


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




ESP - English for Specific Purpose - is known in Brazil as inglês instrumental. Its main objective is teaching foreign language to meet students specific purposes. In this study, it is reading comprehension of research article introductions from the English test of the National Association of Graduation and Research in Business - ANPAD. This research analyzes the rhetorical-discursive organization of research article introductions, using the model proposed by Swales and Feak (1994) as its analysis tool. Supported by the research method known as focused description (LARSEN-FREEMAN; LONG, 1999), we analyzed a corpus composed of 9 texts from the English test of ANPAD. As the objective was to verify the appropriateness of the model and analyze the liguistic markers in each movement from a microstructure level, three analyses were conducted: a rhetorical synthesis of introductions, a graphical analysis of the rhetorical movements and a linguistic-discursive analysis. The results show a partial application of the model according to the authors proposal. Results also show that the linguistic evidences have not always matched the movement proposed by the model. The graphical analysis of rhetorical movements allowed us to create the analysis parameters of movements considering five components: occurrence, frequency, extension, sequence and position. The graphical resource to reading comprehension has become a strategic item because it has allowed us to have a new view of the genre research article introductions. This study has a pedagogical purpose and its findings can help mainly teachers who are interested in this test.


lingüística teses. língua inglesa estudo e ensino falantes estrangeiros teses. publicações científicas. teses. aquisição da segunda linguagem teses. compreensão na leitura teses. língua inglesa testes teses. lingüística teses. gêneros textuais teses. anpad teses.

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