Um estudo sobre os fatores determinantes dos prazos das compras e contratações públicas através de pregão eletrônico no âmbito da FIOCRUZ-BA.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation aims to identify the determinants of deadlines in public purchasing and contracs in order to verify the relevant causes of relation between deadlines and procedures throughout the bid process. The empirical research was conducted in order to bring major contributions both on the theoretical aspect, for the elucidation of certain issues and facts as by the methodologic operating convenience using the dimensions caracteristics of goods, procedure and supplier to identify the factors that influence the deadlines and then identify the relation between these factors raised in bid events through eletronic auction. What we are proposing is to make an analysis of government contracts and what we seek is to elucidate the facts, to allow a significant improvement in public procuremente and contracting terms, seeking a greater efficiency. The survey date were collected at FIOCRUZ-BA, in the period from 2003 to 2010, with a substancial sample on the events througn eletronic auction and based on theoretical framework on public procurement, from which there were were extracted the indicators of each dimension, that were later analyzed through a statistical system using parametric and multivariate alalysis through correlation and multiple regression. The results are quite compelling and encouraging, pointing several factors and their correlation with the deadlines that, when properly administered, will certainly contribute to reducing these terms. The research shows the relevant theoretical and practical aspects of approach, bringing up points not previously measurable. The major contribution of this work is that it can be replicated, the observed peculiarites in government foundations and public companies that envisage an improvement in its processes and procedures, with a consequent reduction of acquisition time and an improvement in the management of public procurement.


compras e contratações públicas prazo pregão eletrônico public purchasing and contracs deadlines eletronic auction politica e planejamento governamentais

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