Um estudo psicogenetico sobre as representações de escola em crianças e adolescentes




This investigation, founded in the Genetic Epistemology of Jean Piaget, is characterized by a developing study on the extent of social knowledge. Its main objective consisted of investigating the representations of schools prepared by children and adolescents, such as if these representations evolve with age and if they are influenced by socioeconomic level of which they belong to. Eighty individuals participated in this study, from both sexes, school goers, between the ages of 7 and 15 years old, belonging to low and high socioeconomic levels and residents in the town of Americana –SP. The method of investigation used was the Critical Clinic Method and the aspects considered in the study, refer to the institutional character of the school, id est, how the individuals understand the origin of the school, its educational objective and the functions of the people of which it constitutes. The results show an existence of an evolution in the representations regarding the notion of school, once the facts indicate that there is a positive association to the socioeconomic levels this association was not confirmed. This conclusion can be interpreted not just as further understanding of the information of the individuals, but like a process of changing concepts, can be explained within a constructive perspective as a result of the experiences in which the individuals participate and by the development obtained by their intellectual structures.


crianças adolescentes epistemologia genetica educação - aspectos sociais. escolas

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