Um ambiente para geraÃÃo automÃtica de biblioteca de componentes de comunicaÃÃo em sistemas embarcados distribuÃdos




design environment that support these kind of projects. The co-design of distributed embedded systems is an even more challenger task, because each methodology phase has to take into consideration the physical restrictions imposed by the systems features. One of the distributed embedded systems co-design challenges is the generation of communication between processes allocated in different processors. This is a boring and error-prone task, and it demands a lot of implementation time when it is not automatically realized. This happens because for any new situation to be considered, the lack of an automated procedure forces the system designer to customize the communication sub-systems to the new system architecture to be analyzed. The aim of this work was to develop an environment that automatically generates a communication components library for distributed embedded systems. This environment should support projects of different scales and of any communication topology. So, after defining a communication model and proposing communication network target architecture, it was developed a communication components library for software and hardware implementation. This library also supports communication through the Internet. As a result of this work, it was created GCCom, an automatic communication components generator, which supports the development of distributed embedded systems projects


sistemas embarcados distribuÃdos data communication geraÃÃo de interfaces comunicaÃÃo de dados ciencia da computacao hardware/ software co-design hardware/software co-design redes de comunicaÃÃo distributed embedded systems geraÃÃo de comunicaÃÃo synthesis of communication communication networks synthesis of interface

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