ÜBER DIE TECHNISCHE SELBSTBESTIMMUNG DES MENSCHEN Ein begrifflicher und phänomenologischer Beitrag zur Erklärung der Fragen nach Eugenik, Transhumanismus, und dgl.






ABSTRACT Especially after the disasters of WWII, the relationship between human nature and technology has mainly been discussed in “Promethean” terms. That is to say, it has been discussed as it concerns the capacity, and perhaps the necessity, of humans to think and act technically, i.e., by means of technical devices, as well as to technically transform the environment. Now, as a consequence of the more recent, impressive advancements and achievements in biotechnology, pharmaceutics, etc. the new questions in this field seem more reminiscent of the story of Icarus. The enigmatic core of this myth concerns the capacity to somehow change the human nature, the need to do so, and, aside from just the risks, what the goals of such modifications would be. In this article, a simultaneously conceptual and phenomenological analysis will be carried out regarding the relationship between technical capacities, technical products, human needs, and human desires. Although such an analysis should allow one to better frame also current questions concerning the ethical sides of technical (self-)interventions into human “nature”, the aim of this article is just to contribute to the clarification of the link between being human and technology.

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