Two new Mycale (Naviculina) Gray (Mycalidae, Poecilosclerida, Demospongiae) from the Paulista Biogeographic Province (Southwestern Atlantic)


Revista Brasileira de Zoologia




Two new Mycale (Naviculiiia) Gray, 1867 are described, M. (N.) arcuiris sp. n. and M. (N.)purpurata sp. n., from the Paulista Biogeographic Province (Southwestern Atlantic). They both occur in the São Sebastião Channel area (São Paulo stale coast), the former extending its known distribution to "Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve" (Santa Catarina state coast). The new species are sibling and differ from each other by a series of very small traits, the most notorious being live-color: yellow, orange, green, white, grey and beige, always light, in M. (N.) arcuiris sp. n. and bordeaux in M. (N.) purpúrala sp. n. Both species are compared with other known M. (Naviculiiia). Mycale (Aegogropila) henlscheli Sim & Lee, 2001 is transferred to subgenus Naviculiiia and given a new name, viz. M. (N.) chungue nom. n., as the specific name was preoccupied by M. (Curmia) henlscheli Bergquist & Fromont, 1988. An identification key for all the species hitherto assigned to the subgenus is provided.

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