Tratamento de esgoto sanitário em reatores anaeróbios operados em bateladas seqüenciais e periodicamente aerados / Treatment of domestic sewage in periodically aerated anaerobic sequencing batch reactors




The advance of anaerobic technology for wastewater treatment should be credited in great part to the development of the modern reactors with high rates of organic application, with merit to the ascendant anaerobic filter and mainly to the UASB configuration. The evolution of reactors led to the search to maximize the practical aplication to make the best use of all the potentialities of the anaerobic processes. All the modern configurations have in common the preoccupation to deal with essential requisites in a reactor: formation and retention of a large quantity of biomass and improvement in the biomass/organic matter contact. This research prime objective is to evaluate two anaerobic reactors, operated in sequential batch and periodically aerated, as unity of treatment of wastewaters generated at the campus of the University of São Paulo in São Carlos. One of the reactors contains biomass immobilized on polyurethane foam and the other is operated with suspended or autoimmobilized biomass, without the use of inert support. The systems, in the first operational step, anaerobic, presented organic matter removal, with medium efficiencies for foam of 61% (ASBBR) and granule of 56% (ASBR) and efficiencies in the removal of solids equal to 62% of TSS and to 65% of VSS in the ASBBR and to 56% of TSS and to 61% of VSS in the ASBR. In the second operational step, anaerobic and aerobic, the ASBBR and ASBR reactors showed that the strategy of operation with anaerobic step followed by a period with aeration was not adequate for the removal of organic matter and nitrogen. The reactors operated with great instability and low efficiency of organic matter removal, with results below of the ones observed in a reactor operated in the anaerobic way.


reator anaeróbio operado em bateladas seqüenciais nitrificação esgoto sanitário combined treatment nitrification anaerobic sequencing batch reactor asbr e asbbr wastewater treatment denitrificion desnitrificação sistema combinado asbr e asbbr

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