Tratamento de água para abastecimento público por sistema de separação por membrana de ultrafiltração: estudo de caso na ETA Alto da Boa Vista (São Paulo, SP). / Drinking water treatment by ultrafiltration: case study at Alto da Boa Vista WTP(São Paulo- SP).




Membrane processes, specially microfiltration and ultrafiltration, are emerging technologies for drinking water treatment due the possibility for producing high quality water through compact treatment plants that are easier to automate with reduced sludge production and cost competitive compared with conventional processes. In this research it had been evaluated the ultrafiltration performance for water treatment at Alto da Boa Vista Water Treatment Plant that runs with conventional process, in São Paulo Metropolitan Region, from the viewpoints of water production and contaminants removal. An UF pilot plant was operated during 2995 hours and 40 minutes from August 2009 to January 2010 treating water from sedimentation tanks outlet. The UF pilot plant was able to operate with normalized flux of 24,3 ± 2,2 L.h- 1.m-2, transmembrane pressure of 94,2 ± 6,6 kPa and water recovery of 90,6 ± 0,9%. A total of 13 pairs of samples from feed and permeate were analyzed. The results were TOC rejection of 11,2±8,6% (permeate=2,18±0,20 mg.L-1), apparent color of 57,5±15,4% (permeate=2±2 mg.L-1 Pt-Co), conductivity of 2,2±1,3% (permeate=138,2±17,8, turbidity 92,7±4,5% (permeate=0,040±0,01 uT) and UV 254nm 19,7±8,2% (permeate=0,025±0,008 cm-1). In an unique sample analysed for total coliforms, the rejection was 100%. Faecal coliforms were not detected in this sample. A sample of feed and permeate was collected at 01/22/2010 for analyses according to Portaria 518 (Brazilian drinking water regulations) that resulted in heterotrophic bacteria rejection of 98,98%, fluoride of 36,49%, total THM of 30,91%, total aluminium of 100%, chloride of 20,29%, total manganese of 14,29% and total sodium of 0,81%. In comparison with drinking water produced at Alto da Boa Vista WTP, the permeate of UF pilot plant was better in quality specially in terms of turbidity.


membrane separation processes processos de separação por membranas ultrafiltration ultrafiltração tratamento de água water treatment

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