Traços da língua, vestígios da ordem: a configuração do prescritivismo na obra de Gladstone Chaves de Melo / Traces of the language, traces of order: the configuration of prescriptivism in the work of Gladstone Chaves de Melo


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The aim of this work, inserted in the field of Linguistic Historiography, is to investigate the manifestations of prescriptivism in Gladstone Chaves de Melos metalinguistic production. The corpus at issue here ranges from A atual decadência da língua literária, the article with which Melo initiated his scientific production, to Na ponta da língua, a collection of articles in which the philologist and other authors elucidate grammatical and orthographical issues. The methodology is based on the theoretical studies by Swiggers (1990), who proposes two types of historiographical analysis that do not exclude each-other: focusing on context and content investigation. The theoretical part of this thesis is based on the retrospective horizon as established by Auroux (2006) and, whenever the material on focus allows, Bakhtins (1999) and Benvenistes (1995) propositions are also approached. The research comes to the conclusion that in the authors metalinguistic production prescriptivism manifests itself in four phases: 1) Traces of prescriptivism in the dialectological description, in which the author synthesizes the Brazilian dialectal characteristics; 2) The establishment of grammatization, in which the philologist proposes a formally constituted grammar; 3) The prescriptive contours of the new scientific appearance, in which the author aims at the production of a manual of Stylistics; 4) The obvious prescription, in which the authors ultimate prescreptivist discourse fits the journalistic article genre. It is the conclusion of this work that, in all kinds of linguistic studies made by Melo, he dedicated himself to defend one norm: the language of the Luso-Brazilian classics.


historiografia linguística linguistic historiography metalanguage metalinguagem norma prescrição prescription norm

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