Trabalho e qualidade de vida dos trabalhadores de enfermagem de uma unidade de terapia intensiva pediatrica




The processs of work of nursing, in the last decade, it suffered mudan important and to understand is necessary study to do the conception in the general work, the nurse s work and the organization, there in the factores how intefere in the life the nurse s workers. The principal objective this work was study the perception in the worers with report lhe quality of life of the intensive therapeutics unity pediatrics. The study was realized in the intensive therapeutics unity pediatrics. The population studed was the nurse s workers. Was utilization the test elaborated by Word Health Organization, called WHOQOL-100. This study is quantaty investigation and the results obtained: women s workers; young people; had a qualification good; perception of the health was good and the dominion according to workers perception the quality of life is good


qualidade de vida promoção da saude enfermagem pediatria trabalhadores

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