Trabalho de projetos : possibilidades e desafios na formação estatistica do pedagogo




This research consists of an intervention study that verifies the pedagogical-didactics potentialities and possibilities of the work project approach in the statistical professional development of the Pedagogy student as a future school administrator. The subjects of this study are thirty-one sophomore students of a Pedagogy course enrolled in a basic-level Statistics discipline of a private college in the countryside of São Paulo State. Eager to improve his own teaching practice and improve educational practices related to the teaching of Statistics in Pedagogy courses, the instructor and also researcher of this study directs the intentions of his actions to (re)define the statistics learning of the subjects, as well as to motivate them to reflect upon the role they will perform as education professionals and consumers of information. The material for the analysis came from several sources: the diary of the instructor-researcher, the thirty-one student diaries, the activities done by the groups, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Data from audio and video recording of classes was also provided. The data analysis was accomplished through two main axes: (1) the project work and the Pedagogy student (2) the project work and the instructor of the discipline. In the first axis, aspects related to the pedagogical-didactic contribution of the project work and the statistical knowledge acquired by the Pedagogy student were put into discussion. As to the second axis, considerations were made about those aspects related to the improvement of professional practice, conceptions and deceptions concerning his experience under the project work approach. The results of this study indicate that the project work not only allows Pedagogy students to have a meaningful Statistics teaching and learning process in conformity to their professional development needs, but also a (re)definition of negative postures that these students may possess in relation to that knowledge, as it removes anxieties and statiphobias produced, in many cases, by previous school experiences plagued with the misdeeds of the Mathematics certainty ideology. Other relevant results are related to the fact that teaching statistics through project work helped to (re)define the instructor?s teaching practice, professional knowledge and postures. This teaching approach also pointed out questions involving the implications of group work among college students, the integration between opposite statistics teaching methods and the need of this knowledge education in Pedagogy courses


ensino superior statistics educação matematica study and teaching higher education estatistica educacional pedagogy mathematics education pedagogia estatistica - estudo e ensino

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