Trabalhando com os gêneros do discurso: uma perspectiva enunciativa para o ensino de língua portuguesa




The herein work aims to contribute to the structuring of a discoursive perspective for the teaching of the Portuguese Language from theoretical presumptions of an enunciative-discoursive base in regards to the object under consideration - the language - as well as of a social-historical base, chiefly in its Vygotskian version, where the teaching-learning conception is concerned. For such, we defend the adoption of discourse genres - as postulated by Bakhtin - as teaching-learning objects, as set forth by the Portuguese Language National Standard Curricula for Elementary Schooling. Some Brazilian schools already have been attempting an articulation of their work in the Portuguese Language area, concerning discourse genres. Yet, such practices are still scant, and have faced innumerable problems of a theoretical-methodological nature. Therefore, the herein document aims to list and discuss some of the a fore-mentioned problems, in the hopes that, by so doing, it will contribute to their solution. For that purpose, on a theoretical level, the bakhtinian concept of discourse genres was interrelated to other considerations, conceptualizations and postulations woven/proposed by the Bakhtinian circle, as a means to deepen the understanding of the referred concept, resulting in coherent practical conclusions. On a theoretical-practical level, attempts were made to comprise various curriculum-structuring levels, from the references established by the federal government regulations (chiefly the National Standard Curricula), towards the classroom. On this route, a fairly large number of questions generating the a fore-mentioned problems can be found, amongst which those herein contemplated, namely: genre selection criteria and definition of curricular progressions, corpus selection and genre description procedures, and parameters applied to the elaboration of work projects and didactic materials


lingua portuguesa -- estudo e ensino -- estudo e ensino ensino de lingua materna linguistica aplicada genero do discurso progressao curricular em lingua portuguesa

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