TRABALHADORES ARGENTINOS: respostas e propostas frente a ofensiva neoliberal


Cad. CRH




The objective of this work is to examine some experiences of Argentine workers who never yielded to the advance of neoliberalism in the 1990s, but who, instead, organized themselves and managed to resist and, in some cases, reverse the political offensive of that decade. We refer to three key experiences to understand this historical process. Firstly, the organization and the action of the unemployed workers, a fact that breaks any explanatory logic of classical sociology; secondly, the construction of an alternative trade unionism by State workers, in a context of a strong offensive against the State; and, finally, the process of political organization of a group of transportation workers, which was and still is an undeniable testimony to all workers who want to organize themselves and fight in a context of trade unionism withdrawal. In short, this article shows the political construction of which workers are capable, even in times of loss or absence of identity and institutional references.

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