Toxicological evaluation of the João da Costa e Associações® on Beagle dogs


Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia




A toxicological study was performed in Beagle dogs treated for 180 days with the product João da Costa e Associações. Were used six males and six females distributed in control and treated groups (n=3). We used a dose of 566 mg/kg of the product according to preclinical study in rodents. The animals were weighed and evaluated by clinical and laboratory aspects. The product did not cause mortality or alter the normal behavior of animals, but interfered with the weight gain on males in the middle phase of the treatment. The group treated had a lower incidence of clinical abnormalities compared to control, checked by veterinary consultations. Laboratory data showed elevated blood glucose levels perhaps due to the high amount of sucrose present in the product; about the histopathological data no significant change was found. We conclude that the product Joao da Costa and Associações, at the dose tested, has low toxicity in Beagle dogs treated chronically.

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