Times assincronos para o job shop scheduling problem : heuristica de construção




Asynchronous Teams (or A-Teams) are a new problem resolution technique that has been succesfully applied to Combinatorial Optimization problems. This technique uses several heurisJic algorithms that cooperate simultaneously with each other and find solutions that would not be found through isolated algorithms. The objective of this work is to verify the suitability of Asynchronous Teams methodology solving the combinatorial problem known by Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSP). This problem has been appointed as one of the most complex problem of Combinatorial Optimization and has been received special attention due to your industrial applicability. Specifically, the kemel of this work was the implementation of A-Teams based on construction heuristics for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem. New heurisncs for the JSP were developed and new data flows that can be easily incorporated in an A-Team architecture were elaborated.. Several JSP instances were used to test the A-Teams developed.. The good results obtained by these A-Teams not onIy showed the feasibility of such technique solving the JSP, but also revealed that this results are competitive with others one obtained by good aproximated approachs for the JSP.


heuristica otimização combinatoria pesquisa operacional

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