Three-dimensional viscous flow simulations over the VLS using overset grids


Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering




The present work is inserted into an effort to develop a Chimera flow simulation code capable of handling general launch vehicle configurations. The paper is primarily concerned with presenting results of laminar and turbulent viscous simulations of flows over the first Brazilian satellite launch vehicle, the VLS, during its first-stage flight. The finite difference method is applied to the governing equations written in conservation-law form for general body conforming curvilinear coordinates. The spatial discretization is accomplished with a central difference scheme in which artificial dissipation terms, based on a scalar, non-isotropic model, are added to the numerical scheme to maintain stability. The time march process is accomplished with a 5-stage, 2nd-order accurate, Runge-Kutta scheme. The results here included are indicative of the current status of the Chimera flow simulation capability under development by the authors. The results also highlight interesting features of the flow over the complete VLS and point out the importance of the inclusion of viscous effects for flow simulation over such complex vehicles.

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