Three-dimensional cutting and packing problems and integration with vehicle routing / Problemas de corte e empacotamento tridimensional e integração com roteamento de veiculos




The wide-scale adoption of the containers made the development of the multimodal transport possible. Nowadays, shipment of boxes in containers is an important activity for companies that have in the load transport a logistic factor of high cost. This work presents the development and the application of metaheuristics with adaptive memory in order to solve three-dimensional cutting and packing problems, as well as their integration with the vehicle routing problem. In particular, problems of container loading, three-dimensional bin packing and vehicle routing with three-dimensional packing constraints are considered. Furthermore, a new approach based on maximal cuboids that fit in given empty spaces is used to calculate the packing patterns in the proposed methods. Constrains on orientation, stability, center of gravity, overhang and multiple destination are considered. Extensive computational experiments are carried out to demonstrate the performance of the proposed approaches


problema do corte de estoque pesquisa operacional otimização combinatoria three-dimensional cutting and packing problem programação heuristica adaptive memory mataheuristics vehicle routing

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