Thermomechanical Analysis on Ti-Ni Shape Memory Helical Springs Under Cyclic Tensile Loads


Mat. Res.




Shape memory alloys (SMAs) present some characteristics, which make it unique material to be use in applications that require strength and shape recovery. This alloys was been used to manufacture smart actuators for mechanical industry devices and several other applications in areas as medicine, robotics, aerospace, petroleum and gas industries. However it is important to know the actuators response to external stimulus (heat source, electrical current and/or external stress) in these technological applications. This work investigated the thermomechanical behaviors of helical actuators produced from Ti-Ni alloy commercial wires. Initially, the wire was subjected to some heat treatment and characterized by differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical microscopy (OM) and Energy dispersive spectroscopy. Then two heat treatments were selected to obtain the helical actuators. The actuators were tested in an apparatus developed to apply an external traction stress in helical actuators during thermal cycles. Two wires were tested in a dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). The results were analyzed in comparison with thermoplastic properties obtained in thermomechanical tests. The analysis took into consideration the wiring forming process, the precipitates formation, the stress fields generated by dislocations and reorientation of martensite variants during the actuators training process.

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