Thermal gradients of container and mean surface temperature of broiler chicks transported on different shipments


Eng. Agríc.




ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the thermal gradients between the container environment and the interior of chick boxes and mean surface temperature of broiler chicks during transportation on different shipments. The research was conducted in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with the accompaniment of nine shipments with different density boxes, using an acclimatized truck with an average capacity of 380 boxes. It was selected 14 chick transportation boxes on each shipment and, subsequently, five chicks per box. It was measured the mean surface temperature of chicks (MST) in shipment (loading and unloading) by using an infrared thermometer. In the container microclimate assessment (center and inside chick boxes), it was recorded the air temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) and specific enthalpy (h). For this, 17 data loggers were placed one per box (14) and three along the container. The experimental design was the completely randomized in a 9 × 2 factorial scheme. It was found that there are two microclimates in the chick loads, being the highest averages of T, RH and h observed inside boxes. The highest values of MST occurred during the unloading of chicks. It was also observed that the chicks have undergone thermal stress during transportation.

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