Thermal comfort and energy efficiency in Budget Hotels / Conforto térmico e eficiência energética em hotéis econômicos




This work aims to evaluate the energy efficiency and comfort level, in airconditioned environments of budget hotels, from international chains, in São Paulo, Brazil. The evaluation was directed to the apartments which are the hotels main product featuring air conditioning, even though the climate conditions and usage profile dont determine its need. One hotel from an international chain was chosen as a case study based on research of budget hotels main features. The hotel had its thermal performance evaluated through air temperature and humidity measurements, in two apartments, for five days. Its physical characteristics were inputted into the TAS NG (2005) software as a base model for simulations. The measurements results defined the criteria used in the parametric model, resulting in a total of seven scenarios with different characteristics such as glass, internal shades, ventilating rates and period. Considering São Paulos climatic conditions, the physical and occupational characteristics of the apartments, it was verified that it is possible to reach thermal comfort without the use of air conditioning. The evaluating criterion used in these conditions was an adaptive model from the ASHRAE 55 (2004) Norm. Data from the most representative days of summer and winter were used in the analysis. There was also an evaluation of the energy consumption of the air condition- ing system, used for cooling and heating purposes, for a period of one year. The results favored the proposal for project recommendations for this typology, seeking solutions to improve the capacity to harness the favorable natural conditions to obtain thermal comfort, allowing for energy consumption reduction due to air conditioning. To illustrate the recommendations some preliminary studies were prepared for the apartments and pavement type, considering the integration of the air conditioning system with architectural design solutions that favor a better energy performance of budget hotels or of any other category.


eficiência energética thermal comfort thermal performance environmental quality desempenho energético computational simulation desempenho térmico hotels architectural project qualidade ambiental hotéis econômicos air conditioning hotel conforto térmico simulação computacional ar condicionado energy efficiency projeto de arquitetura energy performance

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