Thermal Behavior of Pyrite in the CO2 and N2 Atmosphere for Obtaining Pyrrhotite: A Magnetic Material


Mat. Res.




In the southern of Brazil the coal is composed of a large amount of pyrite (FeS2), an environmental problem for this region because the pyrite turns a waste. This work investigated the behavior of pyrite in CO2 and N2 atmospheres, aiming to identify better thermal treatment conditions of the pyrite waste that favor obtaining a material with magnetic properties. The results show that the samples treated in both conditions presented hysteresis and some magnetic properties. The best results were obtained from N2 because it is an inert gas, avoiding the pyrite oxidation and, consequently, favoring a major amount of pyrrhotite. The X-ray diffraction analyses showed that partial thermal decomposition of the pyrite occurs at 600 ºC. The total decomposition was reached at 800 oC and the pyrrhotite phase was obtained. Such findings are relative new and can help enhance the utilization of pyrite, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the coal mining industry.

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