Theater in Nursing: Teaching and Learning / Teatro na enfermagem: ensinando e aprendendo




Art instruction is conceived by many as a luxury, and characterized as leisure and recreation. However, the theater, once experienced, redeems individuality by materializing the ability to express oneself, which enlivens relationships between people and social groups. Wherever there is a human being there is acting (theater): that is, the human being is the theater itself. The human being is essentially a body containing sensitiveness, emotion, reasoning, and sexuality, capturing sensations and reactions. This is a qualitative study involving research/action aiming to assess and describe the theater as a learning/teaching strategy in nursing education. The nine subjects enrolled in the study were students in the Supervised Internship Program II, which is part of the nursing undergraduate school, and participate in a Group called Saúde e Alegria (Health and Joy Group). This group focuses education for health. The subjects recognized that it was necessary to explore and be familiar with the target publics routine, pursue continuing education, and delve into the theoretical and practical nursing teaching in order to work in education for health. Besides, they recognized that such job required devotion and creativity and highlighted teamwork barriers and rewards. The strategy made it possible for the subjects to learn more about themselves, learn how to listen to others, identify the right moment to talk, how to approach and interact with people, and above all, respect others. Thus, we perceived how the theater facilitates self-growth and studentscultural development by means of commanding communication and using the theater language interactively in a playful manner, thus making the teaching/learning process easier in nursing education


enfermagem nursing theater educação para a saúde teatro education for health

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