The transitions between left- and right-handed forms of poly(dG-dC).


The circular dichroism study of water/trifluoroethanol (TFE) solutions of poly(dG-dC) has revealed the following: The polynucleotide is present as a B form up to a TFE content of 60% (v/v) or less. Then, a cooperative transition into a left-handed Z form occurs. Within the region of 66-78% TFE, a continuous non-cooperative change is going on which can be attributed to an intrafamily transition within the family of Z forms. At last, in the interval of 80-84% TFE, a second cooperative transition, probably, Z - A is realized. Both transitions, Z - A and Z - B, show slow kinetics (10-60 min) while the direct transitions from the A to B form taking less than 10 sec. The length of cooperativity for the B - Z transition, Vo = 25 base pairs was estimated using spermine molecules. Spermine was found to induce the B to Z transition in the (dG-dC) sequences even in the absence of TFE which might be biologically interesting.

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