The remarkable Juliano Moreira (1872-1933): an Afro-Brazilian psychiatrist, scientist, and humanist in an environment of slavery and racism


Braz. J. Psychiatry




Objective: To evaluate the relationship between presence of depressive symptoms and risk of death in older adults residing in a municipality in Southern Brazil. Methods: Between 2009 and 2014, 1,391 people participated in the EpiFloripa Aging Cohort Study, a population-based longitudinal study. Depressive symptoms were assessed through the Geriatric Depression Scale. The initial time was considered the age at the first interview, and the end time, the age at the last contact or death. Cox regression models were used to estimate the mortality risk associated with depressive symptoms, adjusted by sex, education, income, paid work, smoking status, alcohol consumption, morbidities, medication use, physical activity, disability, cognitive impairment, and body mass index. Results: The prevalence of depressive symptoms was 23.5% (95%CI 20.4-26.9). On crude analysis, the risk of mortality was 1.86 (95%CI 1.35-2.55) for individuals with depressive symptoms; in adjusted models, the risk of mortality was 1.67 (95%CI 1.15-2.40). Conclusion: Depressive symptoms are an independent risk factor for mortality in older Brazilian adults. Our findings highlight the importance of screening this population for depression and the practice of preventive actions.

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