The real statement leasing (housing projects) at the Programa de Arrendamento Residencial: habitational public politics issues and the study of case Residencial Cavalari in the city of Marília - SP / A casa (própria) alugada no Programa de Arrendamento Residencial: questões da política pública habitacional e o caso do Residencial Cavalari na cidade de Marília - SP




This paper approaches questions about the relation between the habitational provision as the real statement leasing (housing projects), the public habitational politics, discussing concepts that come from the bottom of the braziliam peoples knowledge, due to strong standards from the traditional real statement acquisition way that characterized the public hatitational politics during the last decades. From the boarding of paradigms as the real statement incentive, from the interpretation of the difficult habitations acquisition as a merchandise instead of a right and the dissemination of real statements concept, it is possible to go forward into the configuration of the Programa de Arrendamento Residencial (PAR) under the disruption of this paradigms, describing lines of direction and displaying the mechanisms through the compilation of the PARs legislation, rescuing the programs process of implementation in Marília (São Paulo), showing the participation of each directly connected institutional agent involved. This paper also intends to verify the program in action through the study of case at the Residencial Cavalari and the new paradigms that are pertinent to the public habitational politic as the real statement leasing (housing projects). The documental research is used as methodology resource as also the research through investigation and interviews with involved agents. The research results in the characterization of a PARs enterprise, on the record of the programs implementation in Marília and the analysis of the involved agentsperformance.


par habitation políticas públicas public politcs social rent arrendamento residencial implementation par habitação casa própria implementação real statement leasing (housing projects) aluguel social

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