The Real Estate Market of Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo: an hedonic models application of multiple regression and canonical correlation / O mercado imobiliário residencial da região metropolitana de São Paulo: uma aplicação de modelos de comercialização hedônica de regressão e correlação canônica




This work intends to research about the residential launchings of the real estate market in the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo, using hedonic models. It’s based on the approach to Theory of Attributes, proposed by Lancaster, and on the hedonic models and the sub-markets equilibrium approach proposed by Rosen and Palmquist, that make possible the analysis of the relative importance of the attributes “bundles” for each different social and demographic group previously defined by the factorial analysis statistical technique, that used 11 social and demographic variables related to each Municipality of the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo and each district of the City of Sao Paulo. Using a survey realized with specialists, residential launchings buyers and through specific advertisements, many explicative and dependent hedonic variables were defined and are to be included in the models of Box-Cox multiple regression and canonical correlation, under the perspective of demand and supply, for each social and demographic defined group. The proposed method allows the determination and the evaluation of the representative “bundles” of attributes to the composition of the residential launchings commercial conditions of the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo real estate market, making possible to verify the existence of eventual gaps between the demand and supply behaviors and allowing the comparison of the relative importance of each variable among the social and demographic groups. Thus, the method application can facilitate private and public implementations, allowing the establishment of new strategies designated to each specific kind of real estate, according to the consumers’ preferences and local characteristics.


região metropolitana de são paulo econometrics hedonic prices canonical correlation mercado imobiliário econometria multiple regression preços hedônicos correlação canônica regressão múltipla sao paulo metropolitan region real estate market

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