The Open Innovation Journey in Emerging Economies: An Analysis of the Brazilian Aerospace Industry


J. Aerosp. Technol. Manag.




ABSTRACT: Open innovation is the systematic integration of collaborative, sourcing and revealing practices into a firm's business strategy. Its implementation does not happen at once, but through a journey. This paper investigates this subject in an emergent economy context, the Brazilian aerospace industry, presenting the critical analysis of a questionnaire-based survey performed by means of personal in-company interviews in 22 firms. It comprises a wide range of practices associated with open innovation, connected to a conceptual model. We find open innovation elements in the sample, with no open business strategy behind them, though. Deficiencies regarding funding, R&D maturity and intellectual property protection prevent the cluster from being fully open innovator. Nevertheless, the culture company in the sample is very prone towards openness. From that, we conclude that open innovation in the cluster is still "unfreezing", but with great potential to emerge, once these problems are solved.

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