The Narrator António Lobo Antunes / The Narrator António Lobo Antunes / O Narrador António Lobo Antunes / O Narrador António Lobo Antunes




This dissertation deals with the novels Memória de Elefante, Os Cus de Judas and Conhecimento do Inferno from the portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes. To that end, the view taken was to try to understand the work by parameters detectables in the same and others ways by which the author turns to the public like chronicles and interviews. That prospect highlights an essential aspect in the work of the author, that criticism in general calls "a certain tendency toward autobiography." This autobiographical character is not only claimed by Lobo Antunes as he proposes to expand to all books, but it is not known whether only the literature, or not. From this expansion and experimentation that allowed by some discourses is possible to separate the idea of an author studied from the idea of autobiography traditionally demarcated this subject is studied by Philippe Lejeune in Le pacte Autobiographique. In addition to what is acceptable to say, for the portuguese writer, autobiography is a writing that would prove the existence of a narrator. Based on the hypothesis that Lobo Antunes want, in general, ensure their existence and thus mark the presence of humans on the planet, the dissertation sought to create another possible autobiography of this narrator to highlight it and the humans he explains


literaturas estrangeiras modernas autobiografia romance antunes, antônio lobo, 1942- . os cus de judas autobiography antunes, antônio lobo, 1942- . conhecimentos do inferno novel antunes, antônio lobo, 1942- . memória de elefante narrator narrador

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