The Missouri planning grant for the education and training of health sciences librarians.


The planning grant at the School of Library and Informational Science (SLIS) at the University of Missouri has two aims: (a) developing a model curriculum for health sciences librarianship at the master's level and (b) developing materials that can be delivered by alternative instructional methods. To accomplish the first aim, the faculty will investigate the possibility of offering courses in other disciplines, such as health care administration, educational technology, adult education, and medical sociology. In addition, the SLIS faculty will investigate the development of new kinds of placement for the students' practicum experience. To reach the second aim, the SLIS faculty will investigate alternative means of delivering both graduate and continuing education. Three instructional modalities will be evaluated. Some material will be delivered via satellite broadcast, some material will be made available via the World Wide Web and some will be presented in an intensive seminar. The outcome of the planning grant will be two distinct plans. The first will be a plan for the curriculum in health sciences librarianship at the master's level. The second will be a plan for offering instruction through alternative methods, both for graduate education and for continuing education.

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