The Minichromosome Maintenance Proteins 2-7 (MCM2-7) Are Necessary for RNA Polymerase II (Pol II)-mediated Transcription*


American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


The MCM2-7 (minichromosome maintenance) proteins are a family of evolutionarily highly conserved proteins. They are essential for DNA replication in yeast and are considered to function as DNA helicases. However, it has long been shown that there is an overabundance of the MCM2-7 proteins when compared with the number of DNA replication origins in chromatin. It has been suggested that the MCM2-7 proteins may function in other biological processes that require the unwinding of the DNA helix. In this report, we show that RNA polymerase II (Pol II)-mediated transcription is dependent on MCM5 and MCM2 proteins. Furthermore, the MCM2-7 proteins are co-localized with RNA Pol II on chromatins of constitutively transcribing genes, and MCM5 is required for transcription elongation of RNA Pol II. Finally, we demonstrate that the integrity of the MCM2-7 hexamer complex and the DNA helicase domain in MCM5 are essential for the process of transcription.

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