The mathematics in the project Science in the School : the seacrch for the autonomy of students / A matematica no projeto Ciencia na Escola : a busca da autonomia dos alunos




This present research was developed of public elementary school in the period between 1997 and 2004, work was mediated by the group of teachers and students in collaborative action, based on the principles of the project "Ciência na Escola" The actions occurred in two moments, which marked significantly the practice of the classroom. The qualitative research in its development as to the fieldwork, was characterized as action research, developed with the students and teachers, using the procedures of the Scientific Research Methodology, according to redesigning developed by the collaborative group of teachers. The qualitative analysis was developed based on the material produced by teachers and students. In this analysis, we consider also as an action research, in the discussion of the development of the work of search; changes in posture, the development of autonomy. The production of mathematics students was based on Mathematics Modeling and Dynamic Programming, with the purpose of improving the teaching done. Moreover, we also focused in the questions that called our attention, related to the learning motivation and learner´s autonomy. We also used Mathematics Modeling Approach, Dinamic Programming and the Work with Projects as a pedagocical approach. The results of this research show that it is possibile to stablish a group of teachers and students as researchers even from public elementary schools.


autonomia escolar research search dinamic programming investigação teaching mathematic education ensino pesquisa students educação matematica autonomy school estudantes programação dinamica

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