The links among the circuits of urban economy in Brazil : the role of the wholesale distributor / Os elos entre os circuitos da economia urbana brasileira no atual periodo : os atacadistas distribuidores e seu papel intermediador




The current space division of labour increases the importance of circulation in production process and imposes a rapid and more frequent replacement of supplies, according to shorter stated periods, both in industry and retail. In Brazil, the opening of the economy, imposing a bigger competitiveness to the companies, and the social and territorial expansion of consumption have affected the organization and the structure of the wholesale companies. In reply, the logistics, as the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources, has enhanced the activities of planning and control. As the logistics becomes more important, a new organization of territory arises, increasing the relationships among places. Thus, we conclude that the wholesale distributors continue exerting a significant role in the intermediation between the industry and small retail. The modernization of Brazilian wholesale companies play an important role in the new spatial arrangement of the circuits of production and in the relationships among cities, which contributes to the short circuit of the urban and regional networks and confirm the link existing between the two circuits of urban economy in Brazil


urban economy economia urbana - brasil comércio varejista wholesale distributors logística logistic comércio atacadista small retail

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