The landscape of open innovation in Brazil: An analysis of the recent literature






Abstract Paper aims This article aims to identify and analyze the main studies, practices, and challenges for the adoption of open innovation (OI) presented in recent Brazilian literature. Originality Although many studies have already been carried out in Brazil in the area of OI, there is a lack of theoretical research which analyzes the Brazilian research in this field. Research method Firstly, we identified the articles on OI in important Brazilian journals. Secondly, we carried out a qualitative analysis of these publications. Main findings The focus of research in the area can be divided into three main areas: (i) university–company collaboration; (ii) public support for innovation; and, (iii) integration in new product development. Implications for theory and practice This study presents a synthesis of results of research on OI in the Brazilian scenario. Furthermore, we present practices and difficulties for the adoption of OI identified by the Brazilian studies.

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