The impact of payload truck factor use in mine performance reports for an open pit copper mine in Brazil


REM, Int. Eng. J.




Abstract This article aims to evaluate the use of a truck factor for off-highway trucks in open pit mine operations, thus reducing error on material movement and mine production data entry. This method is current for a copper mine located in South East Pará, Brazil. With a dispatch system, the truck factor is calculated using three data inputs called measured t, dump t and excavator load time. This dispatch system, designed to upload real time data from each truck, acquires measured load information by a truck weightometer and provides the basis for long-term, medium-term and mainly short-term planning. Due to the significant impacts toward mine planning, through data error, a payload truck factor system provides data assurances in place of potential failure of onboard weighing. However, when using a system that is reliant on actual data, caution must be applied when replacing information with assumed fixed figures, thus forming the discussion on which this article attempts to review by providing overview on both the positive and negative impacts of implementing a truck factor system to an open pit mining using a dispatch system.

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