The efficacy of cautinos in casures in the administrativo impropriety law / As medidas cautelares na lei de improbidade administrativa e sua eficácia




It is often observed on many Brazilian journals news about inappropriate conducts practices of public agents and private agents who work in the public service that are considered administrative impropriety acts. With cases in the tree levels of Power (Legislative, Executive and Judicial), as well in the fields of the Union, the State and the Municipality, public agents make administrative impropriety acts that cause illicit enrichment, public resources loses and administration public basic principles violation. To prevent these acts, there are specific laws that attempts to provide efficacy in the combat to actions against the public patrimony. This research analyses the administrative impropriety acts on the Brazilian laws and the measures to combat these acts in all of the Federal Constitutions that have existed in Brazil. It also evaluates all the acts classified as administrative impropriety in the specific law n 8.429/92. It studies the judicial actions, the parts, who can be author or defendant, who can initiate a judicial process in the Judicial Powers, the request, the Public Competent Organism to judge and the sanctions imposed in the law to use on the public agents if necessary. It observes and considers the precautionary process, emphasizing the cautions measures and their essential elements (periculum in mora and fumus boni iuris). It continues showing the authority of the judge to decide the case in the precautionary process. On the end, the research shows the typical and the atypical cautions measures in the Administrative Impropriety Law and their efficacy. To achieve all the research goals, scientific articles and some jurisprudences of the Brazilian Supreme Court have been read. The Brazilian administrative impropriety laws were also analyzed. This research shows that all the caution measures have efficacy to detect some administrative impropriety acts, being possible to maintain the efficacy of these cautions measures to beyond the final judgment to reach the rights. So, the cautions measures are efficacy to get the rights wrote on the judgment that condemn the public agent that makes an administrative impropriety act, the unfair agent.


improbidade administrativa - dissertaÇÕes medida cautelar - dissertaÇÕes direito constitucional

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