The Effectiveness of Back Pressure in Superplastic Blow Forming of Aluminum Alloy AA 5083 Performed at Very Favorable Conditions for Cavitation Growth


Mat. Res.




Many components for aerospace and automotive industries are currently manufactured using superplastic forming, being the fine-grained aluminum alloy AA5083 widely used for this proposes. However, the development of cavitation voids is inherent in this process and reduces the ductility of the alloy. Back pressure can be used to diminish the growth of cavitation void. The experimental conditions used in this work are in the best condition for nucleation and grow of cavitation, because of the coarse grain size (81 µm), large second phase particles (9 µm) and elevated test temperature (570ºC) in a AA 5083. Domes were formed at 570ºC and at a strain rate of 5x10-5 s-1 by blow forming with and without back-pressure. They were compared in terms of their final shape, thickness distribution, and quantity of cavitation voids. The effectiveness of the usage of back pressure to reducing the quantity of cavitation void was analyzed.

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