The criminal juridical property: the contexture of juridical property in social and democratic of right / Bem jurÃdico penal : a contextualizaÃÃo do bem jurÃdico no estado social e democrÃtico de direito




The scribe investigates historically the object of criminal Law as a juridical property not a protection of subjective right. He analyses many aspects historically with different conceptions about the juridical property theory without the contents definitions. It arises the process constitutions of juridical property theory to stop this gap. In constituions, criminal Law has sanctions to protect which are named the juridical properties. The juridical properties can be object of crimination. Moreover he investigates the posture of contemporaneous criminal lawyer about the criminality and the acquittal considering the political and juridical aspects. In the opinion of the author, the jurist is the renovater of criminal system


criminal law, constituions and juridical property direito bem jurÃdico e constituiÃÃo direito penal

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