The art of "comics" and the literary: the contribution of the dialog between the verbal and visual for reproduction and innovation of classic models of culture / A arte  dos "quadrinhos" e o literário: a contribuição do diálogo entre o verbal e o visual para a reprodução e inovação dos modelos clássicos da cultura




The interaction between different languages and artistic circles is one of the main issues in the process of human communication, especially today. One thing that stands out is that the constant interaction revisiting of works that are re-elaborated in various communication media. This is what happens when there is a dialogue between comics and literature, both arts which work with narrative and are filled with peculiarities that define them as important means of transmitting and spreading ideas, values and ideologies. In this study we tried to address the relationship between those two media arts, highlighting the questions concerning whether this dialogue provides a repetition or a questioning of cultural traditions, updating them (or not) from this translation of one art to another. Based on theories that deal with comics, intertexture, dialogism, history of art and literature and others, we draw a panel of the diverse relationships established between works created in comics from literary material, which reveal themselves by means of a gradation that goes from works that refer directly to the classic literary text to those who attempt to make the elements of literature a means for the development of new productions in comics. Also in an opposite movement, we try to show how comics provide material for the creation of works in literature and its varied language can co-act with the literary text for the construction of mixed works.


narratives narrativas languages dialogism literatura quadrinhos literature dialogismo comics linguagem

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