Test of hypothesis in majoritarian election / Testes de hipóteses em eleições majoritárias




The problem of inference about a proportion, widely explored in the statistical literature, plays a key role in the development of several theories of statistical inference and, invariably, is the object of investigation and discussion in comparative studies among different schools of inference. In addition, the estimation of proportions, as well as test of hypothesis for proportions, is very important in many areas of knowledge as it constitutes a simple and universal quantitative method. In this work a comparative study between the Classical and Bayesian approaches to the problem of testing the hypothesis of occurrence of second round (or not) in a typical scenario of a majoritarian election (absolute majority) in two rounds in Brazil is developed.


teste de hipóteses bayesian inference inferência bayesiana monotonicity monotonicidade hypothesis tests likelihood principle razão de verossimilhanças inference about proportions inferência sobre proporções likelihood ratio princípio da verossimilhanças

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