Terra privada, vida devoluta: ordenamento fundiário e destinação de terras públicas no oeste do Pará / Private land vacant life. Land consolidation and destination of public lands in Western Pará


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Policies related to the destination of public lands in Amazonia are built upon judicial instruments that often derive from situations far removed from those lived by peasants and other populations who occupy the region. Historically such policies have tended to be shaped in favour of the construction of formal conditions that enable private appropriation of land by large-scale capital. On the other hand, these policies offer little and in some cases, no inclination to do justice to the social and cultural diversity of peasant occupations. Nonetheless, the actions by this judicial and political apparatus are not linear; rather they have produced contradictory movements, creating conditions which foster the re-creation and reproduction of possibilities of access to land by occupants who do not hold titles, descendants of runaway slaves, riverine dwellers, floodplain dwellers, riverbank dwellers and several other forest groups. This research essentially considers the ebbs and flows involved in the politics of public land destination in Amazonia, with a focus on the western portion of the state of Pará in the Brazilian Amazon. It aims to understand the processes that engendered them, their diverse modalities and inherent contradictions. Particular attention is paid to the still current practice of handing over land and resources to large-scale capital under the guise of social discourse. Specifically, a study has been conducted on how the abrupt establishment of an immense area destined for land reform settlements benefitted loggers and land grabbers and produced falsified lists of settled families, instead of real land reform clients.


amazonia pará state amazônia-pará conservation areas destinação de terras públicas destination of public lands grilagem land grabbing land reform reforma agrária unidades de conservação

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