Terpenos com atividade inseticida: uma alternativa para o controle químico de insetos


Química Nova




Many substances from different sources have been used by men for decades to control insects. After the 2nd World War, the use of inorganic compounds have declined drastically and natural products, as well as synthetic derivatives, have been widely used instead. The search for natural alternatives have improved the development of bench top bioassays and an array of synthetic approaches for known and novel natural products that shows relevant activities as feeding supressors and deterrents. The studies concerning mode of action and environmental impact of these substances, that may be biodegradable and selective for undesired insects, had led to the evaluation and discovery of a number of molecules, mostly terpenoids and alkaloids, that are well reported as candidates for inseticidal compounds that could be an effective alternative for insects control with a lower impact on human health, household animals and the environment.

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