TendÃncia e determinantes do crescimento linear e ponderal em crianÃas menores de cinco anos, no estado de Pernambuco (1991-1997)




This thesis is constituted as a literature review chapter and two original papers. The literature review is focused on nutritional transition that has four steps process: 1-) control of kwashiorkor as epidemiological event, or as acute and severe malnutrition. 2-) control of nutritional marasmus. 3-) the increase in overweight/obesity. 4-) linear growth deficit control. The first paper describes the linear growth trend in children under five years old in Pernambuco State in 1991 and 1997, analyzes the determinants of its evolution and identifies its possible causes. The results showed that per capita family income, maternal schooling, quality and water supply, antenatal care were factors that best explained linear growth deficit and its temporal trend. The second paper analyzes the overweight influence and its relations with socioeconomic and environmental conditions, household possessions and health care urban and rural areas in Pernambuco State. This was a crosssectional analytic study which the results show an association between socioeconomic and environmental conditions, household possessions and health care and overweight in children


obesity nutritional transition determinant factors overweight linear growth deficit sobrepeso obesidade crianÃas fatores determinantes dÃficit estatural nutricao children transiÃÃo nutricional

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