Tecnologias móveis na educação


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The use of the mobile technology has caused several changes in all segments of society. Due to their being inserted in peoples lives, the digital mobile devices cause changes in the way people communicate, interact, work, purchase, entertain and learn. In search for greater flexibility, convenience and mobility, society has increasingly taken control of the digital language and sets new characteristics on the sender-receiver, consumer-supplier, employee-employer, media-reader and even State citizen relationships. The so-called digital generation is born, grows, learns and lives being connected to a digital world full of ―rotating and mutant‖ pieces of information, available through mobile digital devices, like cell phones, net books, tablets, etc. Unlike past generations, todays one shows skills to browse through various web channels, all at the same time and on the go. In this context, education is not immune to the effects of the mobile technology as well. How does the appropriation of this technology occur in schools? How does the traditional education system perceive and cope with cell phones inside the classroom? What are the challenges? This research starts up an interdisciplinary reflection, which involves information technology, communication and education, in search for answers to these questions. Keeping focus on the mobile device, we seek to learn whether and how the school environment incorporates the mobile technology in its educational process. This research presents the exploratory study accomplished in a public school in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, located in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo, concerning students of the 9th year of the elementary school and 1st year of high school levels, using the mobile device as an aid in the pedagogical activities punctually and intermittently accomplished by the history teacher. The study shows and encourages thinking on how the mobile device is being incorporated as an apparatus to assist the pedagogical practice in the formal education environment


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