Tecnologias da informação e comunicação na formação inicial do professor de música: um estudo sobre o uso de recursos tecnológicos por estudantes de licenciatura em música no estado de Santa Catarina




In this study, we had the intention of understanding how students of the last year of three undergraduate music courses in the State of Santa Catarina (Brazil) link with the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), under the light of the legal and curricular basis for the teachers preparation in Bachelor of Music Education undergraduate courses. This investigation was guided by the search of the understanding concerning as these students they integrate, or no, ICT in his/her musical practice.The focus of our work focused on doing a survey of subjects related to the use of ICT in undergraduate music courses. We tried to observe these uses considering the curriculum of the studied courses, the perception of students and teachers about the subject of this study. As general objective of this research, we investigate the insertion of the Information and Communication Technologies in the music teacher s academic preparation in three institutions of higher education of the State of Santa Catarina. The specific objectives were concentrated in the identification of practical aspects involving ICT in the musical accomplishment made by the music students, and; to investigate if students apply the related competences with ICT in different stages that compose the Bachelor of Music Education, and how they have done that application. The methodological design, with qualitative focus, involved four instances: a) the analysis of documents of the studied courses, especially the curriculum grid; b) the accomplishment of an exploratory study, where we also characterized the used sample, through the application of a questionnaire with students; c) the moderation of a virtual group of discussions, and d) the accomplishment of interviews with teachers of the subjects related to the study of ICT in those courses. The results demonstrate that we can find the use of ICT in these courses. Despite this, we believe that the discussion about ICT and the processes of musical knowledge construction can be deepened. The technology is used in music making, but little related to specific aspects of music teaching


educação musical music education música santa catarina musica tecnologias de informação e comunicação tecnologias da informação música estudo e ensino formação docente information and communication technologies

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