Tecnologia assistiva : personalização em massa através do design e fabricação de assentos customizados para cadeiras de rodas


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The design of customized seats manufactured in polyurethane foams is and alternative to improve comfort and positioning for people with disabilities, as those people spend hours of the day seated in the same position. These support surfaces increase the contact area between the seat and user. This aspect improves weight distribution reducing localized pressures that can generate scars. The great majority of equipments and tools destined to the manufacture of these seats are dedicated, i.e. specially developed to this purpose. These factors enhance the final product cost and restrict the number of people who could enjoy customizes equipments. In this sense, the present research aims at establishing development and production routines of customized seats for wheelchair users manufactured through conventional CNC machining of polyurethane foams. It was tested parameters (spindle and feed rates) of CNC machining to cut polyurethane foams. The selected parameters were then transposed to finishing tests. As polyurethane foams are flexible materials that tend to deform, the distortions on the generated geometry were analyzed through tridimensional scanning. The parameters were then tested and the distortion was analyzes in bigger pieces. It was tested three combinations of feeds, keeping the spindle at 24.000 RPM (more adequate according t previous tests). A case study was also executed to validate the research. This study proves the viability of customized seat manufacture in polyurethane foams through CNC machining. It also provides the user an equipment that can improve the pressure distribution in seats surfaces, verified through a mat measurer system.


assistive technology tecnologia assistiva cadeiras de rodas customized seat polyurethane foams espuma de poliuretano design de produto cnc machining

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