Técnicas para interpretar a demanda da agricultura familiar: a comunicação interpessoal.






ABSTRACT: The objective here is to show the need to start the small farmers researches by collecting upon agriculturist social dynamics, as by understanding their social interaction among themselves and their society. It is possible to identify the needs and the problems of their organization and, therefore, to conduct a research process in order to transfer more suitable technologies to the reality. Instead of starding the technological interference in the rural area with the traditional diagnosis about the agriculturers production systems, the study call up attention to the importance of the qualified diagnosis and the interpessoal communication. In order to reach its purpose and also to show that strategy is acessable and that may be easily managed, the study presents, on a most possible simplified way, the steps for its application, fallowed by application administration experiences.


agricultura familiar comunicação interpessoal organização produtor rural pequeno produtor grupo interação diagnóstico qualitativo sociologia rural family farms interpessoal communication farmers small farmers group interaction qualitative diagnosis rural sociology

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