Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Polystyrene with Oleic Acid and an Allyl Ester Derivative


Mat. Res.




Polystyrene (PS) is one of the most widely used polymers in the world, having a wide applicability. PS can be used in pure or modified forms, and the commercial materials most used for modifications are non-renewable and have high costs. For this reason, studies have been carried in order to evaluate renewable components application such as vegetable oils, for this purpose. In this context, different materials have been prepared from styrene (STY) and the common fatty oleic acid (FA) modified with allyl alcohol through esterification in acid catalysis. The allyl oleate (AOL) was obtained with yield of 89% (w/w) and it was submitted to a reaction with styrene at variable concentrations. The copolymers (PS-AOL) were obtained and characterized by conventional techniques. The results indicated that the copolymerization occurred. Therefore, the proposed methodology allows the compatibilization between a renewable matrix and PS for the new materials obtaining.

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