Synthesis and application of natural polymeric plasticizer obtained through polyesterification of rice fatty acid


Mat. Res.




This study includes the synthesis of a new natural plasticizer obtained through esterification reaction of rice fatty acid and polyols, its physicochemical characterization and its preliminary application in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Monopropylene glycol, octanol and diethylene glycol were used as polyols for esterification reaction. Catalyst Fascat® 4100, was also added. Viscosity, acidity and hydroxyl index, moisture content, molar mass, chemical composition (by FTIR) and color were determined to characterize the natural plasticizer synthesized. The results were compared with a commercial plasticizer (DOA: di-octyl adipate) derived from petrochemical source and synthesized in laboratory. According to the results, except from color, the natural plasticizer presented similar properties of commercially available plasticizers, such as DOA. Mechanical tests indicated that the addition of the natural plasticizer to PVC films resulted in a significant increase on its elongation at break (371.2%) compared to pure PVC film, indicating a possible application for this plasticizer.

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