Syntheses and Fundamental Properties of Fe-rich Metastable Phase Alloys with Saturation Magnetization Exceeding 1.9 T


Mat. Res.




A melt-spun Fe90Si5B5 alloy ribbon consists of bcc-Fe(Si) + Fe3B + amorphous phase and exhibits good bending ductility, high tensile fracture strength above 1000 MPa, high corrosion resistance and unique magnetic properties as exemplified for high saturation magnetization exceeding 1.9 T, moderately high initial permeability of about 150 and low coercivity of 745 A/m which are attractive for magnetic sensors utilizing a nearly constant high permeability with applied field up to coercivity. Besides, the tensile fracture strength and elongation increase significantly to 1286 MPa and 0.62%, respectively, after annealing for 900 s at 823 K. The Fe-Si-B alloy ribbons are attractive as a new type of sensor material with features of high bending ductility, high tensile strength and elongation, relatively good corrosion resistanceand unique soft magnetic properties with very high saturation magnetization.

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