Study of IEC 61850 and its impact in substation automation system. / Estudo da IEC 61850 e o seu impacto no sistema de automação de subestações.




In current Substation Automation System, digital equipaments called IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) are used with protection, automation and measurement functions incorporated. These devices, to exchange information among them, use serial communication buses with information transmitted in digital form through many procotols, many of them proprietary, making their integration very hard. In this scene, IEC61850 standard appears offering a standard to be followed by IED manufacturers. This research presents a IEC 61850 standard study and an analysis of its application in Substation Automation System. The proposed study will analise the standard through the most important topics used by the standard to reach its main goals: interoperability, free configuration and long-term stability. In the application analysis, a comparative with a protocol used nowadays and a implementation of protection functions will be presented. In the comparative between protocols the chosen was DNP3, one of most used protocols in electric plants, with the purpose of verifying the main diferences and advantages of each one. Two examples of protection functions implementation were chosen: breaker failure and reverse blocking, implemented through traditional techniques, using wires and electrical signals, and through high performance IEC 61850 services, with the purpose of analising their dynamics, their actuation times and their behavior in eventual failures.


relés proteção de equipamentos elétricos relays electric substations (automation) subestações elétricas (automação) protection of electric equipments

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